The wind that a Cherry Blossoms is fragrant,stroking the cheek.

Sakura Uzumaki Sake Brewery "Oufuu" series.

Sake that seems to be Snuggle up a relaxing moment.

Pair with everyday meals,I aimed at the liquor which fitted in a season.

Pursuing “umami” that is perfect for the current food culture, incorporating new things, based on the techniques we have made so far

A gentle taste that plays harmony with any dish and is loved by anyone.
Smooth and plump rice flavor.
Unpretentious everyday dishes using seasonal ingredients.
Please served with  “Oufuu” beside that .

Oufuu Daiginjo

◆Rice:Yamada Nishiki
◆Ricepolishing rate:35%

Oufuu   JummaiDaiginjo

◆Rice:Yamada Nishiki
◆Ricepolishing rate:50%

Oufuu   JummaiGinjo

◆Rice:Matsuyama Mii/Shizuku Hime
◆Ricepolishing rate:60%

Oufuu   Jummai

◆Rice:Matsuyama Mii
◆Ricepolishing rate:70%(300㎖ 60%)